My Gear

I love to see other musicians gear, so I figured I would share with you what I’m using.

You can watch full gear video here!

Live Pedalboard



(in the order of pedal chain)

Line 6 G70 (tuner out into Boss Tu-3s)

Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Wah

GigRig QMX 8

            -MXR Bass Envelope Filer 

            -J Rockett Audio Tranquilizer

            -J Rockett Audio “The Dude”

            -Ibanez TS7 (modded by

            -J Rockett Audio Archer

            -J Rockett Audio Lenny

            -Strymon Timeline

            -Strymon Flint


Everlasting Pedalboards Flat board

Guitars & Amps


McCullough Guitars S Custom Relic: Surf green Ash body, rosewood fretboard, fender custom Texas special pickups)           Listen to the guitar




Mesa Triple Rectifier Head : Love, Love, Love this amp.

Custom 2 x 12 Cab: with WGS Veteran 30s

Mesa Recto-Verb 50 Combo

I am endorsed by G7th capos, I use Ernie Ball .10-.46 strings, Evidence Audio patch cables, Monster Cables, and GigRig Power.